(UE4) Post-Apocalyptic Landscape WIP

Here is another UE4 level I am working on.

Work in progress!

Influenced by Anthemios's great screenshot from FO4.

I want to add new trees for this level. I still using old one.

Everything made by me.
I made some new materials for this level.
These material are procedurally generated by SD6 (No bitmaps).

Keita tamura ss1

2017/5/19 Latest Screenshot.
I made a new landscape with L3DT.

Keita tamura ss2

2017/5/19 Latest Screenshot.

Keita tamura ss3

2017/5/19 Latest Screenshot.

Keita tamura highresscreenshot00001

I couldn't do my personal work because of my school.
I started to make new trees.

Keita tamura 02

Changed lighting settings.

Keita tamura highresscreenshot00000

2017/5/11 Materials

Keita tamura ss3


Keita tamura ss4


Keita tamura ss5

2017/5/6 New Dirt Material

Keita tamura ss6

2017/5/6 New Grass Material

Keita tamura ss7

2017/5/6 New Stone Ground Material

Keita tamura ss8

2017/5/6 New Rock Material